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I'm a paragraph. Wait a second...


Hi, I'm John Haproff. My friends call me Johnny, and you can too.

I take pride in keeping my car clean. No one ever wanted to step into a dirty, smelly car on the way to work. So, since I was a kid, my paper route was instead a car wash route, and I've come a long way. A clean car is a happy car, and this world needs many more happy cars. I'm a Licensed General B Contractor, and a Clean Car Freak and together along with my wits and good charm, I started Be Detailed.


Over the years my services evolved from the neighborhood kid car washer that can build you a fort on the side of your parents home, to a General Contractor slash Professor of Automotive Excellence in Details that can build you a home on the side. Really though, I just want to make life a bit easier for us all. Let me take the pain out of rolling to a busy car wash gas station that overcharges you to sit and wait while the time just wastes away. Instead, I'll come to you. Wherever that may be. Your Home. Your work. The grocery store (as long as its legal and Im not going to be a getaway car for your next bank heist....depending on the cut we may need to talk). You give me a time and a place and I'll be there 5 minutes early. From a simple quick wash to a Full Incredible Detail, I'll give you back that time you wasted all those years, waiting at the car wash. And if you need me to build you a home, you know who to call. Looking forward to serving you and your vehicle, and maybe just maybe, hope to call you my customer for life. 

Das Right!

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